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Hyper-focused on your business needs, I will deliver the value proposition directly to your customers with style and class!

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Great Experience

High-quality sites for high-quality business products. I will make sure your value proposition is delivered with a beautiful site!

WordPress has the tools to make any development project swipht! I’ve been building WordPress sites for over 12 years. I can make your site represent your businesses with style and class!

Need a SaaS platform or startup built from the ground up? I use the latest technologies to get your MVP launched fast!

If you need someone to keep an eye on your data, I’ve got you covered.

Browdy & Browdy

Browdy & Browdy is a Jacksonville, FL local family-owned boutique home builder. This web project is implemented with a beautiful WordPress theme. I custom edited the accompanying portfolio plugin to create an even smoother browsing experience.

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Admira Dentistry

Admira Dentistry is a local Jacksonville, FL dentistry office. This web project is a WordPress site using a wonderful and consistently updated theme. Proper theme utilization has allowed easy updating for fast copy changes required to ensure the business appears as “up-to-date” as it truly is.

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Kim’s Koren BBQ

Kim’s Koren BBQ is a Jacksonville, FL local family-owned Korean cuisine restaurant. This is a WordPress site integrated with GloriaFood, a third-party online food ordering software.

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Since 2009

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). It's the most popular blogging platform in the world. WordPress is created to be user friendly, customizable in core files and its ease of use attracts small business owners searching for ways to grow their business online.

Since 2016

JavaScript is a dynamic web language that helps create interactive websites. JavaScript can be used by small businesses to add functionality to their websites such as forms, timers and sliders. You can also use JavaScript to improve user experience by adding pop-up tips and changing the appearance of pages based on user interaction.

Since 2016

PHP is an open source scripting language that allows developers to build dynamic websites and web applications. It is built on a templating system which gives programmers the ability to take control of every element of a website's design, as well as its functionality.

Since 2016

HTML5 adapts to all platforms and devices, making it ideal for small business websites. It provides a faster, more secure and reliable web experience with capabilities that are not available in older browsers

Since 2016

With CSS3 you can create amazing designs that will take your website to the next level. Web design for small businesses will be more flexible, easier to maintain and delivers an enhanced experience for your customers. Using CSS3 also allows you to build responsive web design which means that it will change & adjust according to the device it is being viewed on.

Since 2019

Laravel is a free, open source PHP framework for web development. Often used for creating websites and applications, Laravel helps developers to write less code by offering built-in functionality in frameworks such as Eloquent ORM and Mailgun. With Laravel you can use generators to easily scaffold out new projects, control access via authorization systems that are based on role permissions, and provide secure content with encryption. The capability of fast development and a flexible design makes Laravel perfect for starting small businesses.


Dedicated to the details and commited to quality I will deliver web solutions to enhance your business.

"James set up a WordPress website based on my then current business needs. I wanted something affordable and easy to use. My new site is just that and it looks wonderful. I am so happy that James was willing to create something to fit my budget with quality still in mind!"

Natalie Smith

"I've worked with James for over 7 years. He's very professional and takes great pride in his work. I highly recommend him and his company Swipht for any web development services you need."

Dr. Keith Holden
Functional Medicine

"I have had the pleasure of working with James for a few years now. He consistently brings his "A" game to every project he runs including several for my company."

Ashley Reynolds


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